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On Friday December 27, my wife and I were in a ferry lineup, leaving Victoria enroute to Port Angeles WA.
We had been on standby so on occasion I started up the engine to keep the cabin warm, it was then I noticed the engine warning light was on as were several other symbols including the vehicle ramp light.  Our vehicle is a 2014 Subaru Forester so we were quite anxious to find the problem.
We boarded the ferry and intended to stop at the Chev Subaru dealer in Sequim on Saturday morning, however we found they were closed.
Other dealers in the peninsula were also closed, so we continued on to Longview, hoping to resolve this problem.
On arrival we no sooner had pulled up to the sales office where we were met by Dennis Ott, sales consultant.  Dennis immediatley extended a warm welcome which was an instant relief as by then we were stressed to the limit. After explaining the problem he quickly led us to the service department and he even drove the vehicle right into a service bay for us.
Within a period of thirty minutes, the service tech. had diagnosed the problems and we were sent on our way, totally relieved.
The remainder of the trip went smoothly right to our destination in Casa Grande AZ
I am late sending this message as our computer was not set up, but we wish to thank Dennis in particular for the professional manner in which we were treated.  The service dept. also receives kudos as they were busy but still assisted as soon as they could.
I have prepared a letter to Subaru outlining the circumstances and the efficient, courteous manner in which we received from Bud Clary Chevrolet Subaru.  We are most grateful for the effort and service we received.
Yours truly
Blake Hamilton Green-JoAnne Green
1110 N Henness Rd.
#1877 Oassis
Casa Grande

Hi Jim,

I've been meaning to write you a note ever since I purchased my new Subaru Outback in July - 2013.  I have bought several new vehicles over the years, and it was not always a memorable experience.  I was so pleasantly surprised by the salesperson I got when I entered the Subaru dealership (Jeff Anderson).  I was expecting a long negotiation period between me, the salesman, and the manager of the Subaru Unit, and was not even sure if I would seriously consider any price they came up with.  Instead, after evaluating my vehicle, Jeff and the manager put together their bottom line - and offered me a good deal right "off the bat".  No running back and forth to the manager for this salesman, and that is what kept me in the showroom, and what ultimately sold the car. 


I have never bought anything where I was so carefully instructed in it's operation, as I was with this vehicle.  Jeff was very skillful in explaining how to use all the complicated systems in this car, and was patient when we asked him to repeat things.  I would happily recommend Jeff to anyone considering purchasing a new vehicle.  He has excellent people skills, and a great sense of humor.  That made our vehicle purchase a very good experience. 


                                                                                                                                           Bev C.
                                                                                                                                           July 2013

Purchased new car, very positive experience! No hassle, no games, straight up all the way around. Sales was helpful and knowledgeable, finance was fair, service excellent. Usually run for the hills after visiting a car dealership, didn't have the I need to take a shower after feeling.
Stephanie B.
Astoria, OR

I had a good experience with Scott Woodruff and with the mechanization of purchasing a new Subaru in February. He has kept in contact and answered any questions I had.
SG Maxey

Casey the manager was great! I would do business with them again. I love my car.
A Google User

For our daughters 16th birthday we decided to get her a car. We wanted to give her something safe and reliable so we went over to bud clary. We ended up buying a 2012 impreza and I was amazed at how easy and stress free it was. The people at bud clary were great and made the whole process seamless. I know where we will be buying our next car! Thanks bud clary!
A Google User

I have recently purchased a new 2012 Subaru Impreza at Bud Clary Subaru. I must say that I have never liked buying a car, until now. The sales staff and management team treated me with the utmost respect and were up front and honest the whole time. I will most definitely recommend this dealership to all my friends and family as will I recommend a new Subaru as well. Greatest car I have owned to this day. It literally goes ANYWHERE. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.
A Google User

Thanks to Bryce Clary, Scott Woodruff, and all the staff at Bud Clary for making our sales experience great! My fiancee and I just leased our first new car through Bud Clary and couldn't be happier. We shopped around and found the best deal through Bud Clary and were very pleased with the service, the timeliness, and the overall experience of buying through Bud Clary. We worked with them in advance of the purchase to have the car that we wanted all ready to go when we arrived. After some of the normal paperwork for purchasing and financing, we were shown through all the features of the car and even pointed in the direction of special rebates! Take all that into consideration, plus the LOW tax rate of Cowlitz County and it makes it all worthwhile to buy through Bud Clary. They made the trip from Seattle to buy pay off big time! Also, at the first sign of any issues while breaking in and getting used to the car, we contacted Scott and his staff and they helped us through some unknowns... even on a Sunday! And they've continued to follow up and make sure we're happy with everything. As expected, things are going well. Both my fiancee and I would recommend Bud Clary to all our friends and family and will be returning there for our next car!
A Google User

Chris Bjorkman is amazing. First of all....I wanted to buy local. I had purchased from another Subaru dealer up north before, and I was doing my existing maintanence through an dealer group that had a Subaru dealership down south. As soon as I decided that I was going to get back into a Subaru (now my fourth: Outback 1999, Forester 2002 Impreza i2.5, 2006) I decided to stop by Bud Clary and see all of the colors in "live fire" and see the difference between the 4 door and 5 door models of the new Impreza's. Seeing the colors, I was confident that my Ice Silver choice before ever taking a look was the best choice. So I saw the sales man coming and got my "game face on" (I had done all of the research before hand so I was way over prepared) ready to go to battle. With in 10 minutes because of the way that Chis handles himself professionally, I forgot I was there to look at cars. While he was getting to know me, he was actually "taking my order" and before I knew it, he had found my car, in the color I wanted and explained that the only thing that would need to be installed was the fog lights. I left that day to go to work in awe..shook his hand and promised to close with him. The following week I went in after receiving great news from my insurance company that my insurance would go down with this new vehicle because of the safety rating...I went in to again go to war. I figured the car that I wanted would be gone and would go through a bunch of hassle. Wrong again. While laughing with me, he verified that I was correct at the trade in value of my car and was taking me out for a test drive to assure that I understood the CVT transmission; as I was concerned since I have always driven a stick. Aside from his amazing personality, Chris's professionalism is so impeccable, yet subtle, you don't even realizing he is doing exactly what you want with out it feeling like you are earning the right to buy the car. It definitely comes across that he understands the stress of the process and bends over backwards to make sure that the process is just like ordering your favorite meal that your trust in a restaurant and it turns out perfect ...again. Bud Clary and Chris understand that a person should not feel that they are earning the right to buy a vehicle, that they are earning the right to sell it to you. With-in a hour of being there, they were finalizing the work and preparing a trade driver to go down clear to Salem to get the precise vehicle that I wanted. Chris Bjorkman is an amazing was an honor to work with him and would highly recommend to all. Driving very safe and happy....
Impreza Premium 2012

Great service, friendly people make this an awesome buying experience. They were able to save me money with the their low sales tax rate and match offers I received elsewhere. Top notch!
A Google User